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INFINITI HR is a Master Aggregator for Franchises, The Professional Employer Organization designed for franchisors, franchisees and suppliers throughout all fifty states. INFINITI HR is recognized for the exceptional ability to support employer standards, mitigate employer risk & liability while providing superior economies of scale and purchasing power for units of all sizes. By definition, a client company of INFINITI HR does not pay wages, employer taxes or selected employer-related insurance under their own EIN; the client company pays for a “Business Service.” The “Business Service” becomes liable as source of the wage on behalf of the client, classified as one line-item in a general ledger. For franchisors, franchisees and suppliers, shielding their assets from employer liability while gaining access into True-Group Master Polices for Worker’s Compensation, EPLI, Joint-Employer Liability Insurance and Master Aggregated Association Health Plans is most appealing due to its significant cost savings and superior bargaining power from tens of thousands of lives represented in all fifty states. Many franchisees also prefer INFINITI HR because of the mission-critical need for State-Specific HR. INFINITI HR is not a basic payroll provider; a basic payroll provider is not liable as the Employer of Record; a basic payroll provider is not a Master Aggregator; a basic payroll provider does not provide State-Specific HR. Payroll processing is a complimentary service for IFA Members through INFINITI HR. INFINITI HR is The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises©, a Premium PEO Supplier to the International Franchise Association (IFA,) The Entrepreneur’s Source (TES,) and the endorsed supplier from many of the most recognized brands throughout the country.











As one line-item in a general ledger, the 4 Pillars of The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises© include the following:




1. Payroll & Tax Filing:




  • FREE for IFA Members!
  • POS & Time Clock Integration Included!




2. State-Specific Human Resources




  • Employee Handbooks with On-Demand HR Director & Recruiter per territory




3. Employer Mandatory Insurance




  • 10% Workers’ Compensation Savings Guarantee
  • True-Group EPLI
  • True-Group JELI




4. Employer Voluntary Insurance




  • True-Group Master Aggregated Benefits
  • Health, Dental, Vision, Disability, Life, 401k, etc.








1. How do currently achieve economies of scale and purchasing power for labor cost? What is your current bottom line cost of labor?




2. Does each franchisee have to open-brokerage mandated insurances, (such as Workers’ Compensation & EPLI) through individual underwriting based on their current size and history or do they have access into a Rebate Savings Program or a Master True-Group Policy in effort to mitigate risk & cost?




3. How do you proactively manage the burden of increasing employer regulations? Do you or your employees manage non-revenue generating work in-house?




4. How do you differentiate your brand standard from competitors in your territory? How do you mitigate the cost of turnover?




Do you have an On-Demand HR Director and Recruitment Process Outsourcing? How do you attract & retain top talent? Do you have State-Specific HR for Employee Handbooks, Offer Letters, Terminations, etc.?




5. How do you currently outsource non-revenue generating work? Do you currently pay employee wages + taxes to manage such responsibilities in-house while being solely liable under your own company?











* *INFINITI HR retains the sole right to accept or deny any franchisor, any franchisee and/or any entity of any kind at any juncture. INFINITI HR is not a standardized payroll service. Clients of any size and scope must receive approval to gain access into the master aggregated pool. Acceptance into INFINITI HR subject to a risk evaluation at the sole discretion of INFINITI HR. Savings Guarantee based in part on aggregate cost of labor compared to identical services. This material does not include any offer or sale of any insurance product. Only vetted licensed agents from INFINITI HR offer and sell insurance products. Only “Grandfathered” franchisors and franchisees have access to “Grandfathered Discounts.” Terms and conditions may apply and can be changed or cancelled with or without notice. Copyright © 2013 INFINITI HR. INFINITI HR, the INFINITI HR logo, The Professional Employer Organization for Franchises©, The Administrative Services Organization for Franchises©, The HR Firm for Franchises© is copyright of INFINITI HR. Any use without expressed written consent is strictly prohibited.
























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