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IFA’s new, greatly expanded franchise sales management and compliance program will help IFA members take proactive steps to reduce risks, manage growth, and build a stronger, healthier franchise system.    IFA FRAN-GUARD™ covers both the legal and business aspects of compliance with a series of modules designed for CEOS and senior executives, franchise development professionals, in-house counsel and franchise attorneys, paralegals and compliance managers.  


is an excellent way for IFA members to work together to protect and promote franchising by maintaining high ethical standards and good business practices.  IFA members who participate in the program will be better prepared, will have a better understanding of compliance-related issues, and will have a competitive advantage over thoses who do not." — Dina Dwyer-Owens, CFE, Immediate Past Chairwoman, IFA, and Chairwoman and CEO, The Dwyer Group



IFA FRAN-GUARD™ is designed for 

  • CEOs and Senior Executives   Not only does a system-side compliance program protect your franchise it can make it more profitable.  Modules cover the Business Case for Compliance, Franchise Sales Growth & Management, and Best Practices.  
  • Franchise Development Professionals – There’s more to compliance than legal requirements.  Learn how a sales management and compliance program can increase your effectiveness and help drive franchise sales.  
  • In-house Counsel, Franchise Attorneys, Paralegals and Compliance Managers  It’s important to integrate all aspects of franchise sales management and compliance, from disclosure to franchise sales, field support, and operations.  IFA FRAN-GUARD™ modules cover practical steps to implement a system-wide franchise compliance program.  
  • All CFEs and CFE candidates  IFA FRAN-GUARD™ has been incorporated into the ICFE’s professional development program.   IFA members who successfully complete the IFA FRAN-GUARD™ program will receive a FRAN-GUARD™ Certificate.  IFA FRAN-GUARD™  modules are approved for CFE credits. 

Where is IFA FRAN-GUARD™  Available? 

Programs will be offered throughout the year at various IFA meetings and conferences and in different formats to make it more convenient for you to participate.  A web-based video presentation is available at BeaconLive.   Attendance at one of these programs will earn 300 CFE Education credits for participants in the Certified Franchise Executives program.

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