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Gray Plant Mooty (GPM) is a business law firm driven to solve—our more than180 attorneys understand clients' objectives, listen to clients’ needs and roll up their sleeves to solve problems. From offices in Minnesota and Washington, D.C., GPM’s Franchise and Distribution team counsels clients ranging from start-up and emerging companies to mature, established franchisors. If you are taking the initial steps in franchising your business or concept, you know that these steps are some of the most critical in the life of your business. Our attorneys help companies and business owners begin the franchising journey as well-informed decision-makers. They help start-up franchisors make effective decisions about planning and structuring the business, protecting brand identity, creating working relationships with franchisees, complying with state franchise registration requirements, and preparing the franchise offering circular. 

Once your franchise system begins to mature and expand, you will undoubtedly find yourself facing a new set of challenges. Gray Plant Mooty’s Franchise team partners with executives to help them proactively identify and address these new challenges in order to maintain strong franchisor-franchisee relationships and limit disruption in the growth of their franchise. Our legal professionals help emerging franchisors make informed decisions about effective communication with franchisees, franchise sales compliance, working effectively with vendors, developing operations standards, and working with multiple unit franchisees. 

The rewards of doing business internationally are great—and so are the risks. Fortunately, our team has experience in a variety of international franchise issues and will steer you around pitfalls and away from problems, to help get you where you want to be. In the past few years alone, members of our team have been involved in international projects for franchisors involving more than 30 countries. Franchisors operating internationally retain our team to assist with immigration law compliance, help overseas franchisors expand their system in the United States, prepare disclosure documents to comply with foreign disclosure laws, and prepare and negotiate international franchise and distribution agreements, sales contracts, licensing agreements, and joint venture documents. 

Operating a mature franchise system presents complex business and legal issues, and our attorneys are eager to assist established franchisors with product or service brand protection, financing, reorganizations, debt restructuring, bankruptcy, litigation and dispute resolution, and international expansion. Whatever the issue or situation, experienced and insightful legal support is crucial. Our clients' business objectives drive our approach to providing legal services and we recognize that every step, from the initial construction of a franchise concept through growth and expansion, directly impacts a franchisor's future profits. We also understand the dynamics and intricacies of franchisor-franchisee relationships, and the importance of these relationships in maintaining the overall integrity of a franchise system. From start-up and emerging companies to industry giants, franchisors turn to Gray Plant Mooty at every stage of their business growth. 

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