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GoDaddy Social, formerly Main Street Hub, is the people-powered, tech-enabled solution for franchise networks. We are passionate about helping you and your franchisees succeed online through social media and reputation management on the platforms that matter most: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google, and Yelp.


A strong franchise network is built on a strong corporate brand. Maintaining that brand at the franchisee level without losing each location’s distinct feel is one of the biggest challenges franchises face.


Our do-it-for-you solution delivers network-wide brand consistency fueled by authentic, localized content to save you time, protect your reputation, and attract new customers.


What we do for your network:

  • Audit your brand to create a localized social media strategy.
  • Optimize your presence on the pages that matter most to your customers.
  • Build loyalty by creating content that engages your customer base.
  • Target potential new customers in your area with social media advertising campaigns.
  • Protect your reputation with professional, timely review responses.
  • Give you access to technology that tracks your reputation in real time.
  • Report on your network’s performance and deliver meaningful insights to power your actions.


Main Street Hub was acquired by GoDaddy in July of 2018. Both companies are excited to join forces to build better products and services for the unique challenges franchisors face. Prior to the acquisition, Main Street Hub helped more than 10,000 companies perfect their online presence, reach new customers, and grow their business.


See why more than 300 brands have partnered with us to grow their presence online. Start the conversation today.

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