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At FRM we’re franchise people – first and foremost.  PLUS, we’re backed by a team of technology specialists who have developed tools to help you manage the challenges of Franchise Relationship Management. We know the difficulties of managing leads and recruitment while ensuring that existing franchisee relationships comply and are being properly managed. Our solution is designed to exceed your franchise relationship management needs.


FRM is a franchise-specific CRM built on industry-leading Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Access data from the cloud on any device and manage multiple brands on a single system. Email and text message candidates and existing franchisees while automatically tracking and storing the conversations in the record. Franchise Sales, Project Planner/Location Opener, Site Visit, Legal and Compliance, Royalty Management and a full reporting suite, right out of the box.

Seamlessly integrate with all your lead sources and retrieve the all-important, “speed to lead” that you require with our Franchise Sales and Candidate Gateway solutions. With Project Planner, track the progress of new business openings, with cloud-based Gantt charts, check-lists, key dates and milestones. Franchisees can view all documents in a centralized location and have a centralized place to connect with franchisee Gateway.

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