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FRANdata is a franchise-focused research and advisory company. As an industry leader in the strategic analysis, forecasting and measuring of franchise performance, our deep industry expertise and breadth of historical and predictive capabilities allow us to address our client’s strategic needs like no one else can. By leveraging the largest database of franchise information to date, FRANdata harnesses facts and figures into targeted business development analytical and actionable solutions that transform acceptable outcomes into highly successful businesses for our clients. FRANdata enables our clients to:  

•    Find out what your competition is doing and enable you to adjust your communications and campaigns to your advantage. 
•    Access more than 400,000 franchised businesses and more than 210,000 franchisees representing 230 industries with over 40,000 multi-unit owners and get to the heart of selling and branding your business to the decision makers, influencers, and users within the franchising ecosystem. 
•    Expand and improve their international growth strategies, understand the viability of specific countries, successful growth models to pursue, and lessons learned from other franchisors who have chosen the same path.
•    Support their prospective franchisees or current franchisees in gaining financing with the best terms by understanding and improving their brand’s credit perception among top franchise lenders. 

For more than 25 years FRANdata has supported the research and competitive intelligence needs of franchisors, and provided strategic marketing and business development consulting for companies doing business within the franchise industry.  FRANdata is headquartered in Arlington, Va., and is often cited as franchise experts in such leading media as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes Magazine and The Washington Post. FRANdata is also proud to be the strategic research partner for the International Franchise Association (IFA). 


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