Franchise Industry Research

IFA curates and analyzes industry research to produce a strong collection of insights that keeps our members informed.

IFA Resolve

The IFA Ombudsman Program was launched in 2001 to assist members with the resolution of disputes arising from business issues. The expectation is that the Ombudsman will assist franchisors and franchisees to resolve their disputes to their mutual satisfaction and avoid costly and time-consuming litigation. In an informal and confidential manner, the Ombudsman, who operates as a neutral, independent, third party, assists franchisees and franchisors to identify the issues that require resolution and to make use of various alternatives for managing conflict effectively.
Finance & Legal

Franchise Administration

The role of Franchise Administration is to protect the integrity of the brand system through the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD), Franchise Agreements and the activities and programs directly related to non-technical support and services for the brands.
Finance & Legal

Diversity On The Rise

Latest statistics show higher levels of growth in diversity and inclusion among franchise businesses.