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An Old-School Tactic to Drive New Sales
Digital marketing may not be the only answer to grow your business.     By Joy Gendusa   Which marketing channel’s response rate do you... Read more
Plug Into Your Audience
Three digital marketing strategies franchise brands need to establish for a successful 2019.   By Alex Porter, CFE   It’s often a popular... Read more
Seeking the Right Fit to Endorse Your Brand
How franchises can pair with well-known people to tap into local markets.   By Doug Zarkin   Deciding on a celebrity to partner with can be... Read more
Take Your HR Digital
  Technology just might be the answer to your employee recruitment and retention problems. By Tamra Kennedy It’s fair to say that the days... Read more
Centralizing Your Franchise Marketing for Success
Sponsored Content by Joshua Allen, Sr. Director of Marketing, Location3   Roughly five years ago, an industry shift occurred in franchising... Read more
Is Your Franchise Ready for GDPR?
New rules for data privacy in the European Union could have big implications for U.S. franchises.   by Gaylen Knack, CFE, Michael Cohen,... Read more
When A Family Meal Becomes A Family Franchise
Going from franchising to friending a community.     By Mary Hanula and Grant Goerke   What better way to become a franchisee than with... Read more
1HUDDLE's Impact On Technology and Franchising
How 1HUDDLE is creating more opportunities for workers in a technology driven society.   By Julia Peacock   In today’s society, it’s easy... Read more
Happy Customer, Happy You
Three steps for improving your franchise’s customer service.   By Kathleen Kuhn   The power of a brand is largely built on awareness and... Read more
Shifting to a Higher Gear
Together, franchisors and franchisees can prosper through improved alignment to build a stronger national marketing fund.   By Louie... Read more