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Joint Employer and the Trademark Catch-22
As a former Under Secretary for Technology with the U.S. Department of Commerce, I can’t stress enough that protecting your brand’s... Read more
Know the Laws Before You Go Global
A primer for franchisors considering ways to grow businesses outside national boundaries.   By Amy Cheng   Franchising as a business-format... Read more
Will DOL Health Plan Changes Help or Hurt Your Franchise?
Experts explain impacts of health plan regulations on certain areas of the franchise industry.   By Anne LaWer and Michael Lotito   Small... Read more
Who is Phil Zeidman?
  What you may not know about the father of franchise law.   By Andrew Parker, CFE   Harvard graduate. Legal expert in franchising. World... Read more
Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast
    Franchise compliance programs can have many benefits. Reap the rewards of a culture of compliance.   By CFEs Cynthia Gartman, William... Read more
Federal, State or Local Minimum Wage: Which Applies?
Unsure about wage rules that affect your employees? Consider consulting experienced counsel or HR professionals to ensure that your pay... Read more
A Changing Legal Landscape: What Franchisors Need to Know Under the New Administration
*/ New administration’s pro-business policies could spark franchise industry growth. */   By John Erich */ As the new reins of the... Read more
The Case for Effective Standards Enforcement
*/ The best way to avoid litigation is to make exemplary performance a central goal of your system.  */   By Robert Zisk   */ You... Read more
How to Root Out Fraud in Your Franchise and Foster a Culture to Safeguard Against It
*/ A company culture that is predicated upon solution management will continue to thrive and generate unity by adapting and preparing for... Read more
Franchisor Malpractice: The Cornerstone of Risk Management
*/ The first line of defense when problems arise, franchisor malpractice insurance is the cornerstone of a prudent risk management... Read more