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Treating Others Like Family
Profile on IFA's 2017 Ronald E. Harrison Diversity award winner.   By Sarah Eustace     The creed of Deli Delicious is to “treat all... Read more
Franchising in the United States: A Melting Pot
Many different organizations are interested in helping increase the number of minority and women owned businesses in the United States. IFA... Read more
Ferenz Feher and the Social Values of Franchising
Ferenz Feher has been in franchising for more than 25 years and there is still much work to be done. In a long-ranging discussion with... Read more
The Role of the IFA Women’s Franchise Committee in Franchising
With 20 chapters throughout the country, the committee inspires female sector leaders to share wisdom and leadership with female... Read more
Millennials in the Workplace: NextGen Students in Franchising
IFA salutes the next generation of franchising leaders.   By Miriam L. Brewer, CFE If you attended IFA’s Annual Convention and saw some... Read more
The Role of Letters of Intent in International Franchise Transactions
Used properly, a letter of intent can save time, money and help advance proposed transactions in foreign countries.   By Gaylen Knack, CFE... Read more
Refranchising in International Markets
As refranchising gains popularity internationally, it's important that these transactions clearly identify challenges and complexities to... Read more
Brazil: A Hub of Franchises and Opportunities
With its relentless pursuit of efficiency and new markets, and efforts to attract consumers, Brazil is poised for franchise sector growth... Read more
IFA Helps Veterans Impact the Franchising Community
*/ Veterans may only be 5 percent of the population but they are a whopping 14 percent of franchisees. */     By George Eldridge... Read more
Why ‘Less Is More’ Doesn’t Apply in Franchising
*/ */ Thinking about expanding via multi-unit franchising? If executed correctly, this strategy can provide numerous benefits for... Read more