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Franchisee Friday - CertaPro Painters


“I found myself looking for my next opportunity after 30 years with one company,” said Ken Moldenhauer, our Franchisee Friday!  Ken now owns a CertaPro Painters in Wichita, KS.  “Business ownership was the best option for me going forward. Plus, I really liked the company’s business model and franchisee support. CertaPro Painters offers both a business and culture where I could see myself thriving. This is what I was looking for as the next chapter of my career.”  For more info about franchising with CertaPro Painters, click here.

Q&A With Ken

  • How does your franchise participate in community outreach efforts and give back to the local community?     
    • We sponsor a girls traveling soccer team to help with travel expenses. Many of the girls on the team are from families that are that have limited budgets and can not afford the uniforms or travel expenses. The coach charges players $250 for a season while the next lowest team is at $850 and most average around $1,000. The coach has been with the same group of girls since they were in grade school. They are now in high school. The sport has helped many of them develop their discipline, confidence and leadership over the years. It has made a major impact on their development that will serve them well as they move beyond their high school days.
  • What steps does your franchise system and your locations personally take to promote diversity in the workplace?
    • Most of our crews are Hispanic. Many speak English as a second language. The painting industry provides an opportunity for them to provide for themselves and their families. CertaPro helps them by marketing and securing more work than what they might otherwise be able to do thus contributing to a secure future for them and their families.
  • What methods do you use to improve the franchisee-franchisor relationship?
    • As a franchisee I make it a point to provide ongoing feedback about what is going well and the opportunities for improvement. If I don’t provide the feedback on the opportunities its likely that they may not know about the issue. Likewise, if positive feedback isn’t shared, the organization may incorrectly assume that it isn’t making an impact and stop the practice or process.
  • How have you used technology at your franchise to increase efficiency in your operations, and what are some of the biggest challenges you’ve solved with a technological improvement?
    • Using Quick Books Online and Hubdoc to manage my books and receipts. It has streamlined the process and saves time for me and my bookkeeper. I also am using a program that automatically sends a welcome email to Home Advisor clients. The email contains information about my services and provides an automatic way for them to schedule an appointment. It ensures that potential clients will hear from my business in a variety of ways. Even if I am busy at the time their request comes through.