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They say improving unit-level economics is the number one driver of franchise growth. When franchisees are profitable, everybody wins. But improving franchise performance is a tough multi-faceted challenge.

That’s where FranchiseBlast comes in. We help you streamline a number of business processes you’ve already put in place for continuous improvement.

It all starts with franchisee field audits. Your franchise business coaches visit their franchisees on a recurring basis (say quarterly) to ensure brand consistency and coach your franchisees to improve performance.

Our Field Audits App streamlines this process and generates actionable insights from your field visits. You are immediately alerted of system-wide weaknesses. Additionally, corrective actions suggested by the coach are tracked within the app, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Furthermore, the app saves your field staff tons of time compared to a spreadsheet!

Even if you don’t physically visit every franchisee, the app can still be used for remote performance reviews. You can even have franchisees perform self-assessments!


  • Brand Consistency: Ensure franchisees understand, respect and promote your brand.
  • Operational Efficiency: Obtain real-time information and feedback on unit-level economics
  • Franchisee Engagement: Encourage constructive feedback that leads to ongoing improvement.
  • System Compliance: Catch non-compliance issues before they transform into costly liabilities.

Although it starts with audits, FranchiseBlast is a complete franchise management system:

  • Centralize and automatically collect your franchisee key performance metrics
  • Track information about each franchisee and each location
  • Manage the store opening or franchisee transfer processes
  • Collaborate with franchisees via our document repository and news
  • And much more!


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