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Shipley Do-Nuts

With more than 60 varieties of delicious donuts, pastries, and kolaches made fresh daily and served hot, it’s this same simple concept that has continued to bring back multiple generations of loyal customers.

Houston, TX
United States

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Since 1936, the Shipley family has been “making life delicious®” by serving its delicious, hot glazed donuts to generations of families all across the southern U.S.

To us it’s about simplicity and variety. With an emphasis on making small batches we are able to serve hot donuts all morning long, while still offering many more donut, kolache, and pastry varieties than our competitors.  Old fashioned cinnamon rolls, twists, bear claws, apple fritters, filled bars (long johns), and sausage and cheese kolaches to name a few of our customer favorites.

Our focus is not just fast and friendly service, but VERY FAST AND FRIENDLY SERVICE!  And nobody does it better than Shipley!  We sell lots of products and always maintain a high volume mentality.  Our cashiers are fast, our drive thrus are fast, and our donuts are eaten….yes, you guessed it…FAST! We also realize that we’re often the first stop of the day for our guests and it’s important that they are greeted and thanked with a smile, especially those that haven’t had their first cup of morning coffee (and might be a little cranky)!

Shipley Do-Nuts

At Shipley Do-Nuts, though we’re a family tradition, we’re not a traditional franchise. Yes, we’re proud of our 80 year history in the donut business, our simple donut production processes, our offering of over 60 varieties of donuts, kolaches, and pastries, and our very fast and friendly service. But, we’re also proud of our franchise partners who have worked very hard to grow the brand to where we are today, with over 300 stores in 6 states.  Our franchisees are passionate about donuts and the work-life balance that our concept provides.


 As we continue our mission of building the Shipley Do-Nuts brand, we’re seeking passionate and like-minded folks who want to be part of something special.