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Purchase Green is the highest-producing manufacturer and distributor of landscape and leisure products in the US. The organization provides nationwide distribution support that delivers a beautiful and broad product portfolio. Including artificial grass, putting greens and golf accessories, turf installation materials, artificial ivy, as well as modular tile for both indoor and outdoor multi-sport use-cases, retail or event operations, and residential applications.

Purchase Green’s fully integrated business solutions provide exceptional service and savings for their franchise partners. Paired with a successful business model that utilizes brick-and-mortar retail locations and local market distribution, the brand demonstrates outstanding potential for further expansion. Learn more today.

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Purchase Green Provides a Proven Pathway to Prosperity in the Turf Industry

The Purchase Green franchise model offers a proven pathway into the thriving artificial grass industry. Reinforced by renowned brands such as The Recreational Group, franchisees are presented with an exceptional opportunity  to leverage industry-leading manufacturing technologies and in-house facilities, fulfilled by a nationwide distribution network. Through their expert forecasting and management of multiple supply channels, the brand has proven its ability to maintain high stock levels year-round. 


Since its establishment in 2008, Purchase Green has rapidly grown to become the largest manufacturer and supplier of artificial grass in the U.S.–and has identified what is required to succeed in local markets. With this insight, the organization connects investors and entrepreneurs with expert brick and mortar operators to accelerate growth potential. Purchase Green has entrenched their name in the industry, and they’re coming to a market near you soon. The question is, will you be a customer or an owner?