At Driverseat, we believe there is a better way to transport people. In fact, we believe there is a better way to lead a franchise. What we do is transport people using two unique services, chauffeur and shuttle. How we do it is part of the secret sauce. Driverseat has grown to over 400 communities in two countries by out-caring the competition. This is due in part to the fact that we have local franchise owners that hire the best Chauffeur to drive and provide service. This is also due to our governance model. At Driverseat, we are focused as much on the people, our franchisees, as we are on the profit. The franchisees in turn are focused on their people, the Chauffeur and the customer. As a result, we make transportation affordable, accessible and convenient.
Transportation Service Industry - $1.1 Trillion.

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Join the low-cost franchise that you can run out of your home! Hire chauffeurs to shuttle weddings, corporate events, small venues, and many more options for consumers! Enjoy the flexibility that comes with owning a Driverseat franchise.

The shuttle service industry generates over $1.1 trillion in sales annually in the United States alone. With one of the strongest business models in North America, Driverseat is opening up in markets across the U.S. to provide incredible service, supported by mobile technology.

  • The transportation industry continues to evolve to use more of our type of service
  • Driverseat owns the significant space that exists between large buses (on one end) and taxi or ride share (on the other end)
  • Driverseat franchise owners are the business development executives in their market
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Dedicated to improve your business

Driverseat’s support is second to none.  Our coaching and training starts before you open your franchise and continues with many ongoing training opportunities including:

  • 8 weeks of training e-training and in-office training to prepare you for opening
  • Live coaching – you are set up with a chat group for support from our office
  • Annual 4-day conference
  • Driverseat University online portal
  • Regular webinars





Our technology is supports you daily, ensuring that your time is free to develop your market.  Included with the franchise:

  • Consumer mobile app
  • Chauffeur mobile app
  • Sales portal / dashboard
  • Driverseat University
  • Cloud based storage with marketing files
  • Electronic road supervision (tracks all chauffeurs, locations, driving habits etc)
  • Franchisee website page that is controlled by the franchisee

Low-Cost Meets High Value

  • Initial franchise fee of $19,000
  • Total cost estimate to open (including franchise fee) is $43,000- $48,000
  • High gross margin percentage controlled by the franchisee
  • Easy to manage system
  • Automated billing