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CasaGroup Vending Machines Franchise is Florida's largest vending machine operator, with more than 900 vending machines in operation.
CasaGroup has different types of machines to attend different customers. Some of them are: Pharma = Pharmachine was created especially for those who forgot their vitamins at home or for those who need a last-minute medicine. The Vending Machine offers a wide variety of over the counter medicine and vitamins for any time of the day. Pharmachine is a drugstore near you. SOS = The SOS - Last Minute was designed for those moments of urgency. Did it start raining and you forgot your umbrella at home? Is the shoe hurting and needs a bandage? Hungry and don't have time to stop for lunch? This Vending Machine was designed for these situations with everything you need to arrive at your destination impeccable. Snacks/Drink = Now we officially have Snack and Drink, filled with the best snacks and drinks in the country. Do you know that time when you give that little boost and you want to have a quick snack to fool your hunger? Or when that thirst hits? It was designed for those moments. You will find several of them in the coming months in the Car Washes, Stores, Schools, Hotel, among others. A quick, convenient option for drinks and snacks. Wellness = Are you looking for a healthier life? Wellness was made for you. Filled with fitness snacks, low sodium drinks, and vitamins. Everything that can generate well-being for you. Our purpose with this Vending Machine is to promote the development of healthier habits. Mini Market = VMini Market was created especially for consumers looking for practical solutions, with low human interaction, and with great convenience.
A revolutionary, fully automated Vending Machine that will bring to the condominiums the convenience and security of buying supermarket products, without leaving your address.

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