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Bosch Automotive Workshop Services

Bosch Auto Service is the first modern workshop franchise. This premium concept is crafted specifically for experienced auto repair shop and business owners who strive to be at the forefront of innovation. Backed by a leading industry OEM, each Bosch Auto Service location is built to overcome both technical and operational challenges that face the auto repair industry.

The modern approach of Bosch Auto Service empowers owners, embraces technology, and creates purpose-built workshops to service the vehicles of today, while preparing for the vehicles of tomorrow. At its core, Bosch Auto Service is the all-in-one, customized solution for the antiquated auto repair industry, disrupting the norm and setting a new standard in automotive service.

Bosch Auto Service, where the legacy of technological innovation meets modern business ownership.

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The First Modern Auto Service Franchise

In the current landscape of the automotive industry, the timing is impeccably right for aspiring entrepreneurs to delve into the auto repair business. The combination of market readiness, transformative changes in the industry and Bosch's entry into the workshop franchise market creates an ideal moment to collaborate and become part of the first truly modern franchise.

About Bosch

As a world leader with a global reputation, Bosch to continues to lead the world of automotive workshop services with innovative technologies and systematic approaches to quality control. With 135 years of unique knowledge and expertise, Bosch has pioneered many technologies that have become the industry standard in most of today’s vehicles.

Modern workshop businesses can turn major challenges into powerful new opportunities with the right support. Which is why Bosch decided to create the auto repair franchise, Bosch Auto Service, to enhance the way auto repair shops do business.  As a Bosch Auto Service each location gains access to decades of industry knowledge and give their customers an excellent repair shop experience.


Our primary goal is to create service centers that make repair convenient for customers and managing the shop less complicated for the owners.  We do this by injecting advanced technologies into the shop itself,  a group of software we refer to as the digital ecosystem.  It’s this system that truly makes Bosch Auto Service franchises unique granting owners the ability to monitor performance and the Bosch support staff the ability to analyze shop data to enhance operations.

Bosch has a global reach that spans across various industries, including automotive, consumer goods, industrial technology, energy, and building technology. The brand is recognized for its premium consumer goods, technological innovations, and high-quality automotive parts solidifying Bosch with a reputation for high-quality and reliability, two critical decision factors when it comes to automotive repair. Customers recognize this, which contributes to a positive perception and trust in Bosch and extends to all Bosch Auto Service locations; when you join Bosch Auto Service as a Franchisee, you join a reliable and forward-thinking brand with a reputation to back it.