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Be the Local Expert that Companies are Looking For! ATD Solutions actually stands for “Attention to Detail” and that is what they provide clients when performing bookkeeping services and QuickBooks training to small companies throughout the United States and Canada. ATD Solutions is committed to providing the highest level of quality service to their clients. They are known for listening to their clients concerns, asking the right questions, and taking the time to understand their client's unspoken expectations so that they can exceed them. The services provided by their educated staff are Complete Computerized Bookkeeping, QuickBooks Support, Training, Consulting & Set-up, all your accounting needs except Year End Taxes where they work with the client’s CPA to provide the best possible tax results. ATD Solutions pride themselves with helping Communities and the Charitable Organizations that need help with their QuickBooks or accounting processes. They have helped several churches, children’s groups, business supporting organizations, and schools with discounted or free consulting time.

Clarkston, MI
United States

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