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Franchise Opportunities for Veterans: How Military Service Translates into Franchise Ownership


The things you learned during your service in the military are valuable skills that can translate into the business world and into franchise ownership. Your leadership skills, ability to manage your time, your ability to think independently, and your self-sufficiency are all skills that any business would want. By finding the right franchises for veterans, you will be able to take advantage of perks designed specifically for veterans and have great veteran franchise opportunities.



Veteran Franchise Opportunities and Skills

As a veteran, you have the unique opportunity to take advantage of the benefits offered through Dream Vacations. Being ranked #1 in Veteran-Friendly franchise opportunities for four years in a row means we know a thing a two about helping veterans, but more importantly we know that your military skills will translate perfectly into franchise ownership.


Take Herbert Sauer’s words for example. Sauer is an Air Force veteran and talks about the skills that he carried over to franchise ownership. Sauer believes, “You need personal discipline since you are not on the clock. You work for yourself so every decision you make and every marketing idea you put into action has consequences that are good or bad…but you own them.”


Sauer also praised the strong community support you get from franchises for veterans. “The wonderful news is that with the support I get, I rarely make those mistakes if I take the time to seek help, from not just corporate, but my many brothers and sisters in my franchise network.  Everyone helps everybody.”


Dream Vacations is dedicated to seeing our country’s veterans succeed in the business world, and we do everything we can to help them every step of the way.

Another Veteran’s Experience

Dream Vacations has helped many other veterans start a successful franchise. Marci DeWitt is another such veteran who transferred her skills to franchise ownership. She said, “Late in life at 59, I was lucky enough to come across information about a travel agency franchise called CruiseOne (now Dream Vacations). My son was graduating from high school and my mother-in-law, who had lived with us for many years, was going to live with my brother-in-law. It was the perfect time to explore new opportunities. My husband and I had been big travelers and now I learned it was possible to turn that passion into an occupation.”

Getting into Dream Vacations veteran franchise opportunities is not only great for the skills you have but is a lot of fun. Franchises for veterans are a great way to get benefits, and Dream Vacations is a veteran-friendly franchise that offers a lot of perks. Learn more about the franchise opportunities for veterans and the specific benefits allotted to veterans from Dream Vacations. There are several veteran-friendly franchises out there and we want to help you find them!