Franchise Resources

The IFA Information Hub opens the door to a world of resources designed to refine or refresh the skills you need to grow professionally in your industry and beyond. 

Advantages, Challenges of Franchising

When an individual buys a franchise, he or she purchases the years of experience and the proven operating system of the franchisor. One franchisee expressed it this way, “What I have learned from the franchisor was worth ten times what I paid for the franchise.” In any new business, much time and money are spent in trial and error, but a proven franchise may eliminate many of those start-up problems, allowing one to open a franchise with little or no previous experience in a given industry.
Franchise Development

Franchising 101

Franchising 101: How to be in business for yourself not by yourself.
Franchise Development

Consistency: The Key to Branding

In RQM, repetitiveness is important and its means remaining persistent and consistent with the marketing message whether it’s two units or 200 units.

A Tale of Three Success Stories

In real estate, they say three things are important: location, location, location. In franchising, as evidenced by these female entrepreneurs, the keys to success are: perseverance, perseverance, perseverance.
Operations & Training