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Insurance Coverage for Coronavirus Losses

Attorneys from Lathrop GPM outlined types of relevant business insurance that cover franchise businesses, as well as coverage issues that might come into play as businesses seek to claim against losses incurred by the COVID-19 pandemic. The panelists outlined the typical provisions of business insurance, as well as possible exclusions to coverage. The panelists underscored the need to make your claim, document losses, and seek qualified counsel on business insurance.

Force Majeure Clauses, Commercial Impossibility, and Business Interruption Insurance

Attorneys from DLA Piper discussed key elements of Force Majeure clauses, claims of commercial impossibility, as well as the ins and outs of business interruption insurance. The panelists noted that Force Majeure clauses are highly dependent on specific contractual language, and urged all businesses to read and review carefully their contractual obligations related to Force Majeure. Additionally, the panelists recommended careful and thorough review of property and business insurance policies to determine whether losses due to damage or civil authority orders might be claimed in these circumstances.

Customer Retention vs. Franchise Development in Times of Coronavirus

This webinar brought together both established and emerging franchisors who discussed their perspectives and responses from their brands on current operations and franchise development, and advice to franchisors and franchisees during COVID-19-related business uncertainty. The panelists underscored a few points, including: direct communication and guidance with franchisees; innovation to seize on new modes and methods of revenue creation; going to a breakeven state to retool and reassess for future operations; and to continue working on deals for franchise development on flexible and empathetic time-frames.

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Managing Your International Franchise Network in the Time of the Coronavirus Pandemic

Both the business operations and legal perspectives of franchising internationally were discussed in this webinar. Panelists discussed the current situation for franchise businesses in different countries as they confront COVID-19-related disruption, and its impact on different sectors. They also discussed the various ways that franchisors are providing support to licensees and franchisees, and provided specific cases of how businesses are responding, both internally and customer-facing. Finally, the panelists touched on government assistance programs available in different jurisdictions.

Emerging Brands – COVID-19 Procedures, Support and Communications with Franchisees: What you should do to lead them

Franchisor members discussed the challenges and solutions their brands are encountering amid the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as financial relief options available to businesses in light of recent legislation. Panelists discussed the need for companies to establish and maintain a flow of accurate information and data from brands and government resources, including from state and CDC sources. The panelists also reviewed recent updates pertaining to rulemaking from the Department of Treasury on Paycheck Protection Program Loans (PPPL)
Franchise Relations

How Payroll Systems are Working to Get Loan Money in the Hands of Small Business

This webinar’s panelists discussed payroll system operators’ role in the broader stimulus and loan efforts undertaken by recent government action, and outlined relief options available for small businesses. The panelists focused on the Employee Retention Tax Credit and Paycheck Protection Program Loan provisions of the recent CARES Act, and how payroll processers can act as trusted advisors on the front and back-end of loan forgiveness provisions through documentation and record-keeping compliance.