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Franchise Resources

Franchise Resources

The IFA Information Hub opens the door to a world of resources designed to refine or refresh the skills you need to grow professionally in your industry and beyond. 

Purchasing Cooperatives: Opportunities and Challenges

Purchasing cooperatives present significant benefits to their owners and to the franchise systems that are fortunate to benefit from the expertise and quality goods and services they can provide.
Operations & Training

How to Finance Your Franchise

When considering finance options for a franchise opportunity, the best strategy is to take a personal inventory of your resources first, before deciding on one path or another.  There are many creative options and strategies to utilize.   

Advantages, Challenges of Franchising

When an individual buys a franchise, he or she purchases the years of experience and the proven operating system of the franchisor. One franchisee expressed it this way, “What I have learned from the franchisor was worth ten times what I paid for the franchise.” In any new business, much time and money are spent in trial and error, but a proven franchise may eliminate many of those start-up problems, allowing one to open a franchise with little or no previous experience in a given industry.
Franchise Development

Consistency: The Key to Branding

In RQM, repetitiveness is important and its means remaining persistent and consistent with the marketing message whether it’s two units or 200 units.