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How to Text With Customers Effectively

More and more businesses are embracing texting as a customer communication channel, especially as COVID-19 continues to necessitate a "new normal.”

Crisis and Reputation Management in Times of Coronavirus

In the “Crisis and Reputation Management in Times of Coronavirus”, public relations professionals discussed communications best practices for franchisors and franchisees as they navigate COVID-19-related uncertainty. The panelists discussed the “before, during, and after” phases of crisis communications and planning, and underscored the need for strong corporate culture as a lynchpin to guide current and future action. In particular, the panelists discussed the need for strategic clarity amid rushed decision-making, to take stock of process improvement, and to lay the groundwork for business re-openings with acts of empathy and goodwill during moments of crisis.

Social Media 101

The top tips for making your brand's social media marketing be top tier.