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Using Social Media to Promote Franchise Development

Social media for business generation is not “one size fits all.” It is not the silver bullet, cure-all or magic elixir. It is, nevertheless, imperative to the livelihood of franchise brands. Social media is every brand’s voice, its microphone and an extension of its customer service arm. How can social media promote franchise development?

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Millennial Consumer Buying Power Exceeds Previous Generations

A recent conversation with Jeff Fromm, who is executive vice president at Barkley, centered on some interesting buyer dynamics. About 80 million consumers make up the Millennial generation: one of the wealthiest generations ever, spending an estimated $200 billion annually.
Marketing "The International Franchise Association (IFA) website should be a first stop for individuals considering purchasing a franchise"

As Shelton Rhodes' article on notes, the IFA has great resources for potential franchise owners to read in order to familiarize themselves with the basics of franchising. Successful franchisees tell potential new franchise owners the most important thing to do when considering buying into a franchise system is to do an extensive amount of research, starting with visiting the IFA's web site.