Member Benefit Monthly: Advocacy

Government Relations

Every month we will be putting a spotlight on the resources IFA has for our members. We care about your business and the operations that come with it. The month of September highlighted our benefit of Advocacy. 

IFA plays a vital role in shaping the way franchising is viewed through the lens of both the public and the government, and drives the path of understanding as to why the franchise business model is so important. Our government relations team is on your side, constantly voicing why your franchise business matters and protecting the rights that come with it. By lobbying on Capitol Hill and having an open dialogue with members of the government, we ensure that your brand is being fought for and represented. 

Our Franchise Action Network (FAN) is the association’s industry-leading grassroots network of over 65,000 advocates across the country, serving as the voice of America’s 733,000 franchise businesses in Washington and state capitals across the country. FAN ensures that the personal and unique stories of local small business owners are heard in Congress, federal agencies, and state and local legislatures when decision-makers are taking actions that impact your bottom line. We encourage you to learn more and to join our Franchise Action Network to help your business.