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SEO 101: How to Optimize Your Website Content with Keywords

Many joke that SEO can often seem like it stands for “Something Everyone Overlooks.” As marketers, it feels like we’re always chasing endless Google algorithm updates. And if we fail to do so, we risk our content not being visible to our intended audience.

Once you have a well-optimized website with relevant keywords sprinkled seamlessly throughout the content, you’ll start to see improved traffic over time, and in the end, more customers. Let’s break down the basics of SEO and how franchise brands can optimize their websites.

2023 IFA Convention Agendas by Track

Want a personalized, suggested schedule just for you and your business needs? We know that IFA’s Annual Convention offers a wide variety of sessions and events, and it is helpful to narrow options down by education tracks. Below is the list of, and a corresponding link to, agendas that pertain to the education tracks available during IFA's 2023 Convention in Las Vegas. On the agenda accompanying your specific education track, you will find all the educational sessions we suggest, in addition to all events at Convention that you should attend. These agendas are just suggestions. All educational sessions being offered are displayed on franchise.org/convention!
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