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Franchise Business Growth Outpaces Other Business Sectors


Franchise Business Growth Outpaces Other Business Sectors

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Franchised small businesses generated more jobs between 2001 and 2005 than several of the nation’s major economic sectors, including durable goods manufacturers, according to a report released by the IFA Educational Foundation. The economic research study was conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Economic Impact Study - PowerPoint Presentation (1.4 MB) Executive Summary & Highlights – Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses, Volume 2 (click here for .pdf)


Table of Contents

(excerpts of Executive Summary)

President’s Letter

Preface & Acknowledgments Economic Output – What Happens In Franchised Businesses (page 4)

Direct Employment by Economic Sector (page 5)

Direct and Total Contributions to U.S. Economy (page 6)

Franchised Business Growth Compared to All Businesses (page 7)

What Happens Because of Franchised Businesses (page 8)

Prevalence of Business Format Franchising (page 9)

Business Format & Product Distribution Franchises (page 10)

Direct Impact of Franchised Businesses – By Line of Business (pages 11-14)

Product Distribution Franchises (page 15)

Business Format Franchises – Payroll, Output, and Establishments (page 16)

Franchised Businesses – State Breakdown (pages 17-20)

Methodology (page 20) About Franchising, About IFA, About IFA Educational Foundation (page 21)

Industry Categories – (page 22)


In February of 2004, the IFA Educational Foundation released Volume 1 of the Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses. This report documented the economic impact of franchising for the year 2001. The first report illustrated the important role franchising plays in the U.S. economy. The IFA Educational Foundation has now released Volume 2 of the Economic Impact of Franchised Businesses. This report, prepared by PricewaterhouseCoopers, shows the growth of the franchising sector of the economy from 2001 to 2005. The report is presented in two parts --

Full Report, Part I – U.S. Views, State Views and Growth Views

Full Report, Part II – Congressional District Views

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