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One of the questions that our team gets asked most when talking to potential franchisees is “How flexible is your company?”. While most franchisees want the benefit of brand recognition, they also want the ability to adjust based on their local needs and business dynamics. Franchisors that are inflexible and have strict policies that don’t account for localization are often overlooked.

Outback Steakhouse® is a perfect example of a franchisor that strikes the perfect balance – They maintain a consistent brand to build equity, but also allow flexibility to meet local demands. With restaurants in 20 countries, Outback understands that each market has its own needs to be successful.  Weather it is in the menu items offered, restaurant design, or even supply chain resources, Outback adapts their restaurants to each location. And, in the end, it doesn’t matter if you are in an Outback in the Unites States, Brazil, or Hong Kong, you will still see the key elements that make the brand recognizable.


The menus at Outback’s international locations take what customers love from the U.S. but include items that focus on local favorites as well. Outback understands that flavor preferences, available ingredients, and dining behaviors differ between cultures and flexibility is needed to address those differences. For example, in Brazil you can find local items such as Picanha, a local favorite steak cut, while in Australia, their typical dessert, Pavlova is offered on the menu.


When it comes to design, Outback makes sure the restaurants are unique to each country. Every restaurant must have certain characteristics, such as a welcoming casual atmosphere and spirit of Australia theme. However, no two Outback restaurants look the same. From the art on the walls of the restaurants, to the light fixtures, each location has elements that makes their location unique.

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