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We are the franchising industry’s New Best Practices Real Estate Management firm, providing All-in-One Site Selection, Lease Negotiation, and Legal Review serving all 50 states.  

  • Site Selection– Customized and supervised to maximize the revenue potential of each franchisee by controlling the intangibles of location visibility, access, traffic patterns, and tenant mix.
  • Lease Negotiation– Reducing start-up costs, protecting working capital and profitability by maximizing landlord concessions and tenant improvement allowance while negotiating the lowest monthly rental rates within the low and high square footage allowance. 
  • Legal Review –To strive for the highest degree of lease flexibility with a corporate signature, expiring personal guaranty, early termination clause, subleasing, and refundable deposits.

All too many times we’ve seen franchisors outsource leasing assignments, state by state, to a multitude of regional and national networks, leasing agents, brokers, or franchisees who have not been trained or mastered your unique site selection, lease negotiation, and legal review standards of your franchise business model, because, it was “convenient”.  One voice and one system to supervise all new franchise locations will not only remove inconsistency, but control quality and standardize each of these three vital areas.

FGP Commercial Leasing’s real estate team offers you a strategic partnership with talented, experienced, and passionate professionals who have secured over 1600 franchisee locations.  If you would like a 1-hour FREE demonstration of how FGP Commercial Leasing could benefit your franchise system, email or call at 1-800-471-1682

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