How Should Franchises Set Up Their E-Commerce?

Begin by defining your quantitative goals. These goals could include how many website customers you want, your site sale conversion metrics, or weekly revenue. Regardless, you’ll want to create objectives that describe these goals and then outline the steps it will take to reach those goals with key results. 

You will then want to start thinking about who your target audience is, known as a buyer persona. Buyer personas help you pin-point the wants and needs of your ideal customer in order to help build your franchise’s e-commerce strategy around those customers most likely to convert to sales. 

With your buyer persona in place, your franchise’s next step will be to define what differentiates your business from competitors. Known as your value proposition, this step tells potential customers why they should pick your product or service and shows them how you solve their pain-points.  

Once you have established your goals, your target audience, and your value proposition, it’s time to document and optimize your checkout process. Identify how many steps it should take a potential customer to complete their purchase, how long that process takes, and look for ways to make your franchise’s online shopping experience as streamlined and intuitive as possible.