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Equipment Leasing


Finance up to 100% of the value of equipment you need to start or run a business including: computers, office furniture, company vehicles, machines or special service equipment. This option may include a buyout for $1 at the end of the lease. 

How it works: Most businesses can qualify for this type of financing, but the loan amount and interest rate are determined by the value of the equipment, business history and credit score. By leasing equipment, you’ll have less initial costs than if you were to purchase outright, as well easier, more predictable payments.


  • If need a piece of equipment whose technology becomes obsolete quickly, leasing is usually a better option because you can acquire updated technology easier
  • Allows you to conserve capital
  • Simple application and quick approvals
  • No down payments
  • Don’ t have to have perfect credit


  • Could tie up credit so you can’t apply for other loans
  • Leasing oftentimes costs more in the long run
  • Don’t build equity in the equipment since you don’t own it


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