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DENTCO is the first Exterior Services Management® (ESM) company in the United States. Our goal is to provide facility management with state-of-the-art proprietary programs designed to relieve day-to-day stress associated with managing multiple properties and vendors. Our Enterprise Quality Manager™ (EQM) database and Exterior Asset Inventory process allow us to provide facility management with the best service possible.

Applying over 40 years of exterior experience, DENTCO helps clients consolidate, centralize, reduce costs and realize the importance of quality-assured services. DENTCO employees’ performance of hands-on ESM philosophies, supported by our robust EQM application, allow facility managers to oversee thousands of sites nationally via the Internet.

DENTCO has seen considerable growth and has maintained a 99% customer retention rate. From this growth, we have continued to reinvest in the three cornerstones of our business model – People, Process and Technology.

Our Services

Complete Landscape Management

Regardless of the property type, landscaping serves numerous functions. Commercial, industrial, educational and residential properties can all benefit from the aesthetic appeal created by exterior design. Beyond aesthetics, your exteriors also have a very functional role in determining traffic flow and defining space. The specific vegetation used in landscaping can additionally hide unattractive assets, provide privacy, accent a view or property features, supply shade, retain or block heat and wind, limit erosion and provide a sound barrier.

Snow & Ice Removal

No matter your facilities’ size, number of locations nationwide or amount of snowfall that is typical for your region, a well-developed Snow and Ice Management Program is essential for safe ingress and egress, operations efficiency, and cost-effective exterior facility management.

With over 40 years of national snow removal experience for commercial properties, DENTCO is prepared to help you assess the strengths and weaknesses of last year’s plan, refocus your operation’s specifications and establish snow response procedures that will save time, money, manpower and potential liability during the winter months.

Parking Lot Maintenance

Uninviting signs of wear and tear like potholes, cracks and loose debris are largely caused by the seasonal elements, but inadequate maintenance accelerates the damage. Regions face different environmental effects from sunlight, rain, snow, ice, wind abrasion, tornadoes, severe storms and even sinkholes. 

We will conduct an onsite Parking Lot Analysis to develop a well-planned, comprehensive and budgeted preventative maintenance program that minimizes long-term costs, eliminates safety hazards, prolongs the life of your investment and even increases the property’s value.

Dark Property Management

As an Exterior Services Management (ESM) Company, we are curb appeal experts who understand the importance of preserving a harmonious existence with your residential and commercial neighbors, as well as the local municipality. Our comprehensive programs with reduced idle specifications are designed to meet local ordinances, uphold a sellable or leasable condition and prevent the property from declining in current value due to appearance.

Exterior Asset Inventory

Understanding the composition and condition of your exterior assets is imperative for successful property maintenance, accurate annual budgeting and the safety of your guests and employees each season.

DENTCO’s Exterior Asset Inventory helps you to better understand each and every location.

We will conduct a complete physical inspection and documentation of the exterior assets for each of your properties. At DENTCO, we take ownership by physically visiting each of your locations to precisely quantify and document your exteriors. This allows us to identify all assets and provide a complete and specific solution.


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