Constant Contact | International Franchise Association

Constant Contact has built a unique online marketing solution exclusively for franchise networks to help both franchisors and franchisees succeed.

When you join Constant Contact for Franchise, you and your franchisees will get:

  • Administration & real-time reporting: Manage and track your franchisees’ accounts and marketing. See who’s succeeding with Constant Contact, who needs help, and how campaigns perform.
  • Brand integrity: Attractive, mobile-friendly templates allow you to lock down your brand. Supply static and/or approved content that your franchisees can edit before sending to customers.
  • Local marketing: Provide franchisees with seasonal or promotional email campaigns for them to tweak locally.
  • Central marketing: Our central send tool allows your corporate marketing team to send campaigns directly to all your franchise customers on behalf of your franchisees.
  • Automated emails: Provide a timely welcome to new subscribers with a customized email sent immediately after sign-up. Create date-based trigger emails for birthdays, and build more customer loyalty. Nurture franchise leads with a series of informational emails.
  • Help every step of the way: From award-winning free support and education to a wide range of do-it-for-me services, you and your franchisees never have to “figure it out yourselves.

See why more franchisors trust Constant Contact for Franchise to maintain their brand while driving sales locally.

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