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Our goal is to make each Cactus Car Wash franchise the best and most profitable car wash in its market area.  In addition to a comprehensive Operating Manual and intensive hands-on training in the Cactus System, we give you extensive guidance and support in every aspect of the car wash business including site selection, operations, model business plan and layout and development.  Just as Cactus Car Wash provides an outstanding car wash experience, Cactus Franchise Company, LLC will provide an outstanding franchise experience.

Cactus Car Wash provides an outstanding car wash experience.  We are voted the Best Car Wash in Atlanta, Charleston, SC and South Florida because we provide the best customer care and the highest quality wash.  From the moment the customer sees our attractive Pueblo building until the Quality Control Supervisor says “come back to Cactus soon”, we ensure that the customer enjoys every aspect of Cactus Car Wash. 


Our state-of-the-art wash tunnels, trained staff and unique quality control procedures ensure that every customer receives fast service and the highest quality wash.  While other car washes are satisfied with a semi-clean car, Cactus Car Wash sets an unequaled standard for car wash quality. 


While we do the work, the customer enjoys our plush Customer Lounge, with plasma televisions, complimentary internet access, gourmet coffee bar and friendly staff.  At Cactus Car Wash, the customer can be productive or just relax and enjoy the experience.  Because of our commitment to quality and customer comfort, the customer receives great value for their money and soon comes back to Cactus Car Wash. 

Business Established: 1992
Franchising Since: 2004
Franchised Units: 5
Company Owned Units: 3
Start-up Cost: $750,000 to $1,000,000
Total Investment: $2,370,000 to $3,805,000
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