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Board Members Encourage Franchise Pros to Attend IFA 2018



The IFA 2018 Annual Convention is fast approaching! We asked our board members what makes them so excited to come back every year, and what they are looking forward to this year’s convention, which takes place Feb. 10-13 in Phoenix. Check out some of their responses:


“The IFA staff and the Convention Committee have invested in making this a great conference experience for franchisees in particular – robust programming, customized marketing and agendas, and a dedicated hospitality area so franchisees can network with one another. I’m also very excited about the emerging franchisor programming, including the second year of Emerging Franchisor Bootcamp.” – Shelly Sun, CFE, IFA Chair, BrightStar Care Founder and CEO


“I am most excited about seeing the energy and enthusiasm for the business model of franchising, which is the epitome of the American Dream.”  – Liam Brown, Incoming 2018 IFA Chair, Marriott International President, Franchising, Owner Services and MxM Select Brands, North America


“I’m looking forward to hearing the latest updates as well as the outlook for 2018, along with networking with old friends and new. There are no more productive three days for franchise professionals than the IFA convention. I can’t wait!” – Aziz Hashim, Immediate Past IFA Chair, NRD Capital Managing Partner


“By having more franchisee participation, we will have a more vibrant dynamic at the conference, and the result will be a more meaningful experience for everyone. I have attended many multi-unit conferences, and there the energy among the franchisees is uplifting; I think we can replicate that at the IFA Conference with the added benefit of having franchisors and franchisees working together.” – Gordon Logan, IFA Board Member, Sport Clips Founder and CEO


“I always look forward to the IFA Convention. It is packed with networking opportunities, educational sessions on every topic imaginable, networking, best-in-class speakers, networking, an amazing collection of industry vendors, and more networking!”  – Jania Bailey, CFE, IFA Board Member, FranNet CEO


“Constantly learning how to be a better businessperson brings me back each year. However, at this point, seeing my friends ranks right up there with improving my knowledge base. There are some amazing people active in IFA.”  – Tom Baber, IFA Franchisee Forum Chair, Multi-Unit Franchisee with Money Mailer and IHOP


“Since I’m a huge Shark Tank fan, I eagerly await what’s in store for us from the appearance by Shark Tank star and entrepreneur Daymond John. Plus, I can’t wait to witness the awesome learning experience of the new Music Paradigm program with more than 4,000 attendees.”  – Sherri Fishman, CFE, IFA Marketing & Innovation Committee Chair, Fishman PR President and Co-Founder


“Every year, I go with an open mind and a list of things I want to learn more about. Having access to new ideas and tried-and-true techniques for marketing, retail operations, talent development… the list is endless! I leave armed with actionable ideas, inspiration, and newly-formed business relationships that help with my success.”  – Tamra Kennedy, IFA Franchisee Forum Vice-Chair, Multi-Unit Franchisee with Taco John’s


“I am super excited to be a mentor at the Emerging Franchisor Bootcamp. I have a background in a variety of foodservice brands, each with a unique customer base and set of challenges for satisfying those customers, that I think will be helpful to the emerging franchisees as they look to growing their brands.”  – Mike Rotondo, IFA Board Member, Tropical Smoothie Café CEO



IFA 2018 starts next week! Don’t miss this chance to attend the biggest event in franchising of the year. For more information, and to register, visit