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Franchisors – Tips for Strengthening Your Brand Identity in 2022

For any business, staying fruitful in today’s market can get tricky. New technology and trendy online platforms have been changing the game for years, not to mention shifting consumer preferences and habits confusing the already muddy waters. Add the extra layer of complexity that comes with owning a franchise, and you can have a conundrum on your hands.
November 02, 2021

Three Green Construction Franchises to Invest in 2022

As the housing and commercial construction markets continue to grow, many developers are looking into green construction solutions to maximize energy efficiency, take advantage of government incentives and upcoming policies, and reduce construction costs. These trends make green construction franchises a hot investment for 2022 and beyond.
November 01, 2021

Supplier Source Book Highlights

IFA’s 2021 Supplier Source Book is the definitive guide to finding new supplier partners. The franchise community is constantly changing, and with that comes the need for new products, services, and expert advice. This year’s toolkit is full of valuable insights from IFA supplier members. The following pages showcase expert whitepapers on topics around digital marketing, public relations, franchise legal services, as well as valuable resources for franchisors, and our supplier member directory. 
October 27, 2021

The Secret To Improved Franchise Sales KPI's Is Staring You In The Face

All business is local, especially for franchise sales. Your franchise sales representatives are the face of your company in the field, building relationships with potential local owners. They represent your company in email, but where are they in your advertising? Featuring your sales representatives in your advertising has proven benefits for their sales productivity and your brand.
October 27, 2021

Four Mobile Home Improvement Franchises to Invest in 2022

In a post-COVID world that has caused many franchises and consumers to tighten their belts, mobile franchises are receiving a lot of attention from potential investors and franchisees due to their affordable franchise entry costs and lower operational expenses. One category showing exciting franchise growth that will likely continue into 2022 and beyond are mobile home improvement franchises.
October 25, 2021

Six of the Most Affordable Franchises (For Under $10,000!)

When searching for the right franchise opportunity, many people assume that owning any franchise requires a large initial investment in order to become a franchisee. However, each franchise has a unique business model and startup cost, and there are many affordable franchises that can provide significant returns for low initial investments.
October 12, 2021