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How Unleashed Brands’ Franchise Partners Own the Kids Market

One of the biggest draws to franchising is the proven business model. Starting a new business from scratch independently requires entrepreneurs to take on every step, where franchising means you have the guidance, experience and systems a franchisor can offer. Entrepreneurs can imagine their business and growth possibilities beyond one single business with this model.
March 21, 2022

A Look Back: How Franchises Fared in 2021

2021 was an economic bounce back year for franchises despite the negative impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses in 2020, setting the stage for some very positive franchise industry outlooks in 2022 (link to previous blog). In this post, we’re going to review what factors made 2021 a turnaround year for franchises and look at some of the data highlighted in The International Franchise Association (IFA)’s recently released 2022 Franchising Economic Outlook.
March 20, 2022
Franchise Economy

Miami is Open for Opportunity

I’m writing to you today on the heels of Open for Opportunity Miami—an incredible road show event focused on workforce development and diversity, equity, and inclusion in South Florida hosted by Restaurant Brands International. What follows is a detailed recap of how the International Franchise Association and members like you helped decisionmakers and opinion leaders understand firsthand the value and opportunity of franchising. I’ve already spoken with many of you about getting involved in Open for Opportunity. If you are on the fence, I trust the story that follows will push you over the edge. If we haven’t yet spoken, I hope you raise your hand and are willing to learn more and get involved.    
March 16, 2022
Franchise Opportunities

How can a people-powered answering service benefit your franchise?

Many companies are making the mistake of compromising the quality of their customer service experiences, by heavily relying on AI - Artificial Intelligence. Nearly four in five people would rather speak to a real person rather than a bot. So, how do you ensure that your customers and prospects always speak with a real person, while maintaining a busy lifestyle as a franchise owner? The solution: a live call answering service, powered by real people.
March 15, 2022

How Franchises Can Increase Their Applicant Traffic

There are currently a record 11 million job openings in the United States. We’re amid an industry-wide talent shortage. While it’s easy to chalk this up to the pandemic, many franchises (especially those in the hospitality industry), were struggling pre-pandemic—a 2016 report by The Caterer, for example, found 82% of hospitality professionals said it was harder to recruit qualified help than any time in the past. The rise of the gig economy, high turnover among entry-level and low-wage workers, wage debates, and the shrinking number of teens in the workforce are all driving franchise applicant traffic down.
March 15, 2022

Opportunities Await at the Franchise Expo West

Now that conventions and in-person gatherings are officially “back,” we are headed to Phoenix next for the Franchise Expo West, March 18-19. This is another incredible opportunity to gather with franchising brands and suppliers, learn in our tailored education sessions, and pick up new insights for your business. For those looking to get started in franchising, this is the place to see what opportunities are out there. For those already in the business, this is where you or anyone in your network should be to showcase your business and help it grow.
March 09, 2022
Event Coverage