The Best Ways to Fuel Growth as an Emerging Brand: A Look Into FranConnect's Velocity Packs Program

Franchise Opportunities

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With roughly 70% of franchise brands in North America having under 100 units, and over 300 new brands launched every year, emerging franchise brands represent a high-growth segment of the market yet remain underserved by the technology marketplace.

In my experience, most franchisors of emerging brands (those with between 5 and 100 locations) believe that they can’t afford the same systems that the larger enterprise brands can afford and end up settling for “beginner-sets”. While many consider FranConnect to be the “Mercedes Benz” of franchise management platforms—designed only for larger brands—the truth is that we have been experiencing explosive growth with emerging franchise systems.  

In the last year, we introduced our Velocity Packs program which is designed for systems with 5 to 100 locations, which resulted in the licensing of over 100 emerging franchise brands that adopted FranConnect.

Velocity Packs allow emerging franchisors to experience unit expansion up to 44% faster than the competition based on 2018 FDD data. Our system for emerging franchises includes solutions for closing franchise sales faster, speeding up the onboarding of new franchisees to optimize the days from signing to first dollar, operations support for driving more revenues and improving unit level economics. And what’s the best predictor of future success? Our 18 years of experience, work with over 700 brands and 140,000 franchisees including multi-unit operators and area developers, and the fact that we are consistently rated as a top-franchise supplier by franchisors according to Entrepreneur Magazine.

We recognize that brands that are in the early stages of growth need pre-configured, out-of-the-box solutions without requiring expertise in the area of technology - at a minimal cost and with the service and support they’ll need for achieving rapid adoption and ongoing success.

We have designed Velocity Packs programs into bundles that are most relevant based on your stage of growth to help you benefit quickly. We create bundles so you are just investing in just what you need, when you need, at a cost you can afford to ensure you’re up and running quickly.

Velocity Packs are available in three pre-bundled configurations:

  • Launch: For franchisors focused on growth and opening of new units
  • Accelerate: Builds on Launch to include franchisee engagement, training, and support tools
  • Thrive: Features all the above capabilities plus additional solutions that increase unit-level profitability

Benefits of Velocity Packs

Streamline Franchise Development 

Effectively manage your entire sales progress and reduce cost-per-lead with Sales CRM. Then automate the opening process and reduce days to open by up to 10 days with Opener. You’re guaranteed to capitalize on opportunities – even with a small team. 

FranConnect Develop Bundle (available with Launch, Accelerate and Thrive) >

Get Actionable Data to Inform Decisions 

Achieve greater visibility for actionable insights across your franchise organization. Stay on top of historical records with a single source of truth using Info Manager. Get actionable analytics by correlating data across business functions – such as finance, marketing, operations, and field consultancy – using Insights. 

FranConnect Foundation Bundle (available with Launch, Accelerate and Thrive) >

Improve Franchisee Relations 

Maintain active engagement with franchisees via The Hub – a central space where franchisees come together to share, learn, and grow. Teach them every operational detail they need to continue your brand legacy. And support them every step of the way with a ticket management system that reduces the burden on you. 

FranConnect Engage Bundle (available with Accelerate and Thrive) >

Effectively Manage Field Activities

Get dashboard-based views into franchise unit performance and reduce time spent preparing for and conducting field visits. Quickly spot trends, challenges, and areas for improvement and create programs to address areas of non-compliance.

FranConnect Field Ops (available with Thrive) >

Benefit from a Dedicated Enablement Program 

No need to implement yourself or hire a professional services team. We ensure onboarding success through access to a dedicated trainer, pre-configured templates, ongoing education, and ticket-based support. 

Fit to Grow With your Business 

Experience a robust platform that scales from emerging brands to enterprise needs. Easily expand functionality and features to meet your business growth. 

Best-in-Class Support:

We also make sure to offer the best-in-class customer support programs for each pack. Our service packages provide assigned and dedicated personnel to assist the franchisor in system launch based on best practices. Some of our other support options include access to FranConnect’s Success Passport program, which offers up to one year of unlimited training via access to FranConnect University.

As more brands utilize our Velocity Packs program, we are excited to continue and provide the franchise market with the best-in-class solutions and services to better serve the emerging franchise market.

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