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Spotlighting the Advocates for Responsible Franchising

At IFA, Responsible Franchising is our North Star. We’ve made it our mission to help provide the resources, governance, and support to ensure that franchisors and franchisees – and the suppliers that support along the way — can come together to create long-lasting, sustainable progress that better serves their customers and everyone in their system. We’re fortunate to have incredible champions among our members to point to, learn from, and emulate these five principles of Responsible Franchising every day — not because they must but because it’s the right thing to do and ultimately leads to better outcomes for everyone involved.
June 12, 2024
Spotlight on People

Achieve Growth For Your Franchise with These 5 Proven Marketing Strategies

Are you encountering hurdles in expanding your franchise brand? One of the significant challenges faced by budding franchises is establishing a uniform and compelling marketing strategy across multiple locations. Creating consistent brand messaging and scalable marketing approaches remains a persistent obstacle for many emerging franchise companies.
June 04, 2024


Amber Sprague Costa has always had a deep-rooted passion for travel. Spending her 20s exploring the globe, she transitioned to life on land with a clear goal: to become a business owner. With eight years of experience working on cruise ships, Amber was drawn to Cruise Planners for its robust support system and the promise of independence it offered.
June 04, 2024


Caroline Swift, a dedicated and passionate travel advisor from Orange County, California, exemplifies the spirit of entrepreneurial success within the Cruise Planners network. Before embarking on her travel career, Caroline spent 15 years in county government, managing courthouses and overseeing finance and court administration. She then took time off to raise her three daughters, during which her family's frequent travels sparked her interest in the travel industry.
June 04, 2024

Strategies for Brand Consistency and Localized Marketing Success with StructureM

In today's competitive market, franchises face a dual challenge: maintaining brand consistency across all locations while also tailoring marketing efforts to resonate with local audiences. This delicate balance is crucial for franchise success, but it's not always easy to achieve. StructureM understands these challenges and offers actionable strategies to empower franchises in achieving both objectives seamlessly.
June 03, 2024