PuroClean's Expansion Builds a Thriving Business Empire

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In the dynamic world of franchise business, PuroClean has emerged as an example of success and has steadily expanded its footprint in the property restoration industry. With a commitment to excellence, innovation and community service, PuroClean is not just a franchise; it's a thriving business on a mission to redefine the standards of property restoration and remediation services.

In 2023, PuroClean sold more than 60 new franchise locations and won numerous awards, including being ranked #82 within the top 100 of Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500®, which marks the third consecutive year within the top 100 and the seventh consecutive year on the list. PuroClean also began 2024 ranking 28th in Franchise Business Review’s Top Franchises, marking their sixth consecutive year in the top 100. Now, the brand has embarked on the “Road to 500” with the goal of opening its 500th franchise location this year – and they are right on track.

Founded on the principles of reliability, servant leadership and customer-centricity, PuroClean has rapidly grown from its humble beginnings to become a powerhouse in the property restoration and remediation industry. In fact, since 2014, the PuroClean franchise has exceeded system-wide sales, and is expected to surpass more than $1 million system-wide sales as they continue to grow.

PuroClean's journey encompasses strategic expansion. The franchise's business model focuses on providing essential services, such as water damage restoration, fire damage repair, mold removal and biohazard cleanup, and carefully selects territories and markets where restoration services are most needed. As communities face an increasing need for reliable restoration and remediation services, PuroClean has seized the opportunity to expand its reach and offers franchise owners multiple revenue streams and growth options, as well as the prospect to scale and diversify business through multi-unit opportunities.

PuroClean franchises have demonstrated profitability by employing a combination of strategic decisions, industry dynamics and the effectiveness of their business model. The brand’s specialization in property remediation and restoration has effectively allowed them to become niche experts and the go-to solution for residential and commercial property owners. Insurance companies trust PuroClean to do the job right, and being a preferred service provider for these large companies brings with it a stream of projects. 

“Throughout the past year, every person at PuroClean has helped fuel tremendous growth and success for the brand. Both our home office members and franchise partners have played vital roles in making PuroClean a reliable franchise system and a trusted community restoration service,” said PuroClean President and COO Steve White.

PuroClean franchise owners have diverse backgrounds and experience, and are supported by PuroClean’s top-notch training programs that not only teach the ins and outs of the restoration and remediation business, but also encourage franchise owners to utilize the professional experiences they bring from other industries. Empowered by best-in-class support and with the desire to serve their local communities, PuroClean franchise owners easily transition into the PuroClean family. The Paramedics of Property Damage® are driven to provide an unmatched service experience professionally and ethically with compassion, and strive to help people in their communities to get back on track after property emergencies.

PuroClean maintains an open territory business model, and continues to welcome new franchise owners throughout North America. For more information about PuroClean, call 800-775-7876 or visit www.PuroClean.com. For more information about PuroClean franchising opportunities, visit www.PuroCleanFranchise.com.