IFA 2020 Recap: February 10


Sunday morning kicked off with the second half of the General Session. The 2020 CFE Graduates were honored, with Harvey Homsey giving a speech about the values of the ICFE Program. The 2019/2020 Student Scholarship Recipients were awarded, with Tony Valle, CFE, giving a speech on the State of the Foundation Report.

KFC President and Chief Concept Officer, Kevin Hochman, spoke to attendees about the rebranding of the Colonel and how the brand bounced back into the mainstream media. People got an inside look at how the franchise started, grew over the years and what its strategy is now for staying relevant and revered.


The Big Ideas — Franchise10x talks were given by George Chanos, TEDx Speaker and Former Attorney General of Nevada and Chairman of Capriotti's, Steve Bigari, Chairman & CEO of SYNQ3, Raj Rao, General Manager of IBM Food Trust and John Teza, CFE and Principal at NRD Capital Management. They spoke of emerging trends that are transforming the way we do business.


Business Solution Roundtables gave attendees a chance to have informal discussions on a wide range of topics that are critical for keeping your franchise system running profitably in today's challenging and highly competitive marketplace. Attendees followed different tracks based on their interests in business, with a financial track, franchise sales track, international track and more. 

Bash Blog

The Exhibitor Reception marked one last time to check out services and products that can have a direct impact on your business. The night ended with The Bash, where dinner, drinks and music helped connect new and old friends. Tuesday will close out an unforgettable four days.