Franchisors – Tips for Strengthening Your Brand Identity in 2022

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For any business, staying fruitful in today’s market can get tricky. New technology and trendy online platforms have been changing the game for years, not to mention shifting consumer preferences and habits confusing the already muddy waters. Add the extra layer of complexity that comes with owning a franchise, and you can have a conundrum on your hands.


You have a distinctive brand identity that consumers can relate to and trust. You see, companies that thrive in today’s precarious environment understand that branding—on top of having a killer product or service—holds the key to long-term success. Here’s how you get there in 2022:

  • Embrace A Cause: People have strong beliefs, and they want to see them reflected in the businesses they patronize. So, get serious about finding and communicating your franchise’s values. Maybe you add a Mission & Values section to your website or consistently post about ways your franchisees serve their communities and commit to positive change. But whatever you do, keep the messages clear and consistent.  
  • Encourage Interaction: Consumers want to interact with companies outside a simple transaction.  Empower franchisees to engage clients by hosting events (virtual or live), posting giveaways on social media, encouraging and responding to customer comments online, or partnering with other businesses in the community.   
  • Clarify Your Message: True, beautiful images can attract an audience, but how you communicate with your potential and existing franchisees and customers matters. A lot. It helps to find a brand voice (e.g., helpful, strong, authoritative, funny, friendly) and prioritize effective copywriting. Having clear messaging also makes your business more recognizable and provides an example your franchisees can duplicate for their local marketing campaigns.
  • Be THE Source: As you encourage franchisees to put their names and personalities into the business, you should make it easy for them to maintain brand consistency in the process. This means making pre-approved logos, fonts, images, and messaging easily accessible to them—in one location, if possible. If not given clear guidelines, customizable on-brand templates, and approved vendors, franchisees might be tempted to fill in the gaps. And no franchisor wants a case of rogue marketing on their hands. Being the one-and-only source for brand essentials also saves your network time and money…meaning, they can focus on running and growing their (and your) business.  

Like it or not, today’s world is all about image. Invest in a strong, memorable brand identity and you’ll go a long way in outlasting your competitors.

For franchises, in particular, this strategy is two-part. First, your national brand needs to stay strong and recognizable. It’s why the franchise model works. Whether you live in California or Texas, a Taco Bell bean burrito has identical ingredients.

Second, you should encourage franchisees to maintain a brand image that appeals to locals. Every community has unique qualities, and tapping into them will help your business become an integral part of the neighborhood.  Part of that effort comes from local marketing because name recognition alone won’t keep a franchise afloat. It needs a homegrown following to thrive.

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