Franchisee Friday - Sport Clips

Jordan Elliott

Jordan Elliott and his mother, Marcia Elliott, were both at turning points in their lives when they decided to open up their Sport Clips franchise. At just 24 years old, Jordan Elliott had a dream of starting his own business and realized that franchising was the perfect route to take to do so. He is now a successful business owner, and our #FranchiseeFriday!

When asked what motivated him to get into franchising, he said, "I was up for a promotion, which got me to start playing out my future path in my head. If I took the promotion and stayed where I was, I would be caught up in a cycle of working for someone else. I wanted more control over my future.

I was a recent college graduate with a degree in entrepreneurship and international business, so I had a dream of starting my own business. I worked with a couple different franchise concepts in college and saw this as a good way to become a business owner. Franchising appealed to me because I realize that I am young and have a lot to learn.

It worked out to be around the same time my mother, Marcia, was at a crossroads herself. She had just sold the family’s manufacturing company and was looking to invest the profits from the sale. So we decided to team up and go into business together.

Building the business together has become a family affair for us. I think we talk more than we did before even though I now live an hour-and-half away and am married with a new baby. She has played a big role in getting the stores off the ground and handles a lot of the human resource tasks of the business. She is skilled at finding and playing to the strengths of people. It has made me realize that no matter how old you get you always need your mom.

Franchising has given me a clear road map to pursue my personal and financial goals. Franchising is great for the young entrepreneur because the learning curve is shortened. There is a system for everything, which fills in the gaps of inexperience. You don’t have to have a background in the industry. Everything is laid out for you."

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