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Scaling Your Franchise into a Multi-Unit Business with Tyrone Thomas Jr. and PuroClean

Tyrone Thomas Jr. is a San Diego native and restoration industry professional who has rapidly advanced in his career with PuroClean. Having previously served as a field technician, a project manager, a supervisor, and a production manager, he added the title of PuroClean franchise owner to his long list of roles when he joined the network in 2021. Since the opening of his PuroClean franchise in Clairemont, Tyrone has successfully scaled his PuroClean franchise to a multi-unit business.
March 21, 2023

34 Years Young with 67 Locations and Growing Fast!

With over 34-years as a leading sub sandwich franchise, Goodcents offers signature pillowy-soft bread baked fresh twice daily, along with meats and cheeses hand-sliced to order, hearty pasta and conveniently packaged dinner entrée options ready to go. With 67 units and growing, Goodcents is strategically positioned to meet the changing needs of customers and franchisees.
March 14, 2023

Retirement Legislation: What Businesses Need to Know

The U.S. is facing a retirement crisis. To address this crisis, sixteen states and two cities have already passed legislation requiring employers to provide retirement benefits to employees. As of early 2023, Eight states have active programs where employers may be subject to penalties for non-compliance. Mandates may also apply to any company that may be based out-of-state but employ the minimum number of required workers in the state with the law in place. Is your franchise business compliant with the changing legislation?
February 15, 2023

Women and Franchising: How the Commercial Cleaning Industry Opens Doors

Before the pandemic, the number of female business owners was growing at an unprecedented rate, with an increase of 45% from 2007 to 2016 compared to a 9% increase among all businesses. That’s an impressive five-times the national average! However, it’s worth noting that as of 2022, only 31% of small businesses and franchises are owned and run by women.
February 15, 2023


Founders of successful franchisors often reach a point where they are seeking a liquidity event – historically this has often meant selling control of the business.  However, there is another option – a royalty transaction.  This is exactly what the founders of a successful commercial cleaning franchisor selected this past November.
February 14, 2023