For Passionate and Entrepreneurial Veterans, Franchising Is The Perfect Industry

Franchise Opportunities

After serving in the U.S. Air Force, I had the leadership skills and driven attitude needed to launch the fitness franchise Workout Anytime.

By John Quattrocchi, U.S. Air Force Veteran and Workout Anytime Co-Founder and President

It is true what they say — military experience is the perfect precursor to franchising. Even though the military cultivates a very process-oriented mindset, in which veterans leave with a deep passion and entrepreneurial spirit, adjusting to civilian life can be difficult. The good news is that military-inspired dedication, perseverance and discipline are exactly what one needs to succeed in franchising after completing their service.

In my case, I received my draft notice to serve in the Vietnam War while attending Penn State University in pursuit of a Physical Education degree. I was given the choice of either entering the U.S. Army or volunteering for the U.S. Air Force and I chose the Air Force, taking up electronics and focusing on missile guidance systems for F-4 Phantom jets.


In 1966, I started a five-year military stint serving in Thailand. Looking back, the experience taught me how to follow a system, stay disciplined and achieve whatever I put my mind to — all traits that would come in handy when entering the franchising industry. After leaving the Air Force in 1970, I moved to Georgia and found a job at European Health Spa. From there, I fell in love with the health and fitness industry and knew it was the right path.

In 1997, I joined forces with Steve Strickland at Commercial Fitness Products, bringing with me years of experience as a manager of numerous franchised health clubs throughout the U.S. When the opportunity to take ownership of a women-only gym presented itself, Steve and I saw a path to have our dream of gym ownership realized. In 1999, we converted the gym to a co-ed facility and opened the first Workout Anytime location in Douglasville, Georgia.

After opening eight successful gyms in the surrounding Georgia area, Steve and I decided to look for qualified and passionate franchise partners to expand the brand throughout the country. In 2004, we founded Workout Anytime Franchising Systems, LLC. Today, Workout Anytime has 175-plus units across the U.S. and works hard to attract veterans as franchisees and support them through various initiatives and programs. During the on-boarding and training process, we make sure to instill the strong principles and diligent work ethic common in veterans for all franchisees. For Workout Anytime, the streamlined business model is not just about selling memberships, it is about putting the customer first and creating a healthy local community.

The military teaches veterans how to follow a proven system and use it to serve those around them, all while creating a community of hardworking and passionate citizens. Like many veterans, I was able to draw parallels between gym ownership and serving in the military—after all, the U.S. Air Force is a service and fitness is a service industry.

Throughout my career, I’ve often leaned on the unique process and leadership skills imparted by years of military service and combined that with an entrepreneurial spirit to follow my dreams. For veterans looking to do the same, franchising is the perfect industry.


John Quattrocchi’s career as a high achiever began in the U.S. Air Force, where he achieved the highest rank possible during his 1966 to 1971 stint. As the co-founder and president of Workout Anytime, Quattrocchi has become an icon in the health and fitness industry, focusing on service, sales, sales training, marketing, advertising and promotion.

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