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Franchise Marketing Economics: How to Maximize Ad Spend in 2023

When reviewing data from most 2023 media forecasts from eMarketer and other similar research firms, there is a consensus that while advertising spend growth will continue in 2023, it’s likely to be at a slower pace than previous years. With the economic outlook featuring lots of uncertainty, many brands and marketers have signaled that there is a renewed focus on ensuring marketing budgets are spent more efficiently this year. Every dollar counts and the adage remains; never stop marketing. So how can franchisors adapt and maximize marketing ROI this year?
January 12, 2023
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How To Best Use Your Marketing Dollars in 2023 for Your Franchise Business

The looming risk of economic recession can be tough on franchises. With more consumers cutting back on expenses, all business owners have to prepare for a possible decrease in revenue. One way of ensuring steady business to mitigate the effects of a recession is by reexamining your franchise digital marketing strategy and seeing if the marketing strategies you’re using are worth bringing into 2023.
December 06, 2022
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Prioritizing Effective Franchisee Training Programs

Unless required by their franchisor, many franchisees may not have prior experience in their franchise industry. In fact, at Christian Brothers Automotive (CBA), a majority of our most successful franchisees have no prior automotive experience before signing their agreement; they simply possess the characteristics and professional background we require.
August 22, 2022
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Multi-Unit Masters Series: Part I

A collection of conversations and insights with franchising leaders on the pandemic’s impacts to their brand and business.
November 09, 2021
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Franchise Executive Continuing Education Central to Holistic Member Service & Value-Based Approach

As your chosen membership association looks forward to 2022 and beyond, IFA is committed to expanding member value and refining its approach to member service, programs, networking and education with the goal of providing a completely integrated member experience that adds value to you and to your business. With this clearly defined goal, today, IFA announces the transition of the Institute of Certified Franchise Executives and the Certified Franchise Executive (CFE) program from IFA Foundation to IFA.  
November 05, 2021
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