Top 5 Benefits of Commercial Cleaning Franchising

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Owning a commercial cleaning franchise is a smart investment for many reasons. We pulled out the top five to help you break down the choices available to you.  

A Sturdy Business Model

When you start your own company, a lot of work and capital is put into launching it off the ground.  Purchasing equipment and supplies, securing cleaning contracts, raising brand awareness, building relationships with your customer and employees, hiring and retaining employees, squaring away your tax plan and management, and engaging collections support to get your bills paid are all activities that are in constant action.  The benefit of partnering with a franchisor is you purchase the right to come into a developed business model.  The franchisor has already worked out the kinks to get things running smoothly, and in the case of Corvus, has a full staff dedicated to the back office support of your business.  If you aren’t an expert in payables and receivables, no problem.  Plus, Corvus ensures you get a consistent revenue check each month, even if a customer doesn’t pay on time.  Secure your cash flow and focus on the smooth operation of your cleaning business. 

Sales and Marketing

One of the most challenging aspects of starting a cleaning business is getting commercial cleaning clients. You may go door to door or use Google to call businesses trying to sell your services.  At Corvus, we have a database of over 80,000 leads per city that we are constantly calling and meeting with, five days a week, eight hours a day.  That’s a lot of sales power!  Not to mention, our well developed marketing strategy covers the bases of SEO, paid search, print advertising, participation in professional organizations like the IFA, email marketing, and more.


Low Initial Investment

This is a huge benefit, as one of the greatest barriers to entry for an aspiring entrepreneur is the lack of start-up capital.  At Corvus, we boast an industry-low initial franchise fee.  For less than the cost of a well-used car, you can kick off your entrepreneurial career.  And there’s no mandate on huge growth - use Corvus as your main business or your side hustle.  We’re here to help you succeed on your terms.  


Recession - Resistant

Many franchisors mention this buzz word, “recession resistant,” but what does it mean?  If you think about all of the types of businesses in the world, some sell products and some sell services.  Some products and services are luxuries, like trendy clothing or dog grooming.  But some products and services are commodities - no matter what the economy is doing, people will always be buying toilet paper and, fortunately for us, businesses will always need cleaning.  Leverage the fact that a lot of your peers will go for sexy businesses.  Make a smart choice to invest in a recession resistant industry instead.

The Recurring Revenue Model

With Corvus, customers receive commercial cleaning services through annual contracts and are billed through monthly invoices.  Because the business model is based on recurring contracts, the monthly revenue received is more stable than businesses who rely on selling one-time services or products.  Similar to subscriptions like Audible from Amazon or the New York Times, the ongoing engagement offers great stability to your business and secures revenue.  Customers will sometimes cancel their contracts, but our sales team is right there to provide you with new accounts.  You’ll also diversify your customer base by servicing multiple accounts at a time, so no one hit to your business can take it down.

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