A Good Argument for Your Boss: Why You Should Buy Me a Ticket to the IFA Legal Symposium

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Legal Symposium Good Argument for Your Boss

There are a lot of valid arguments that conclude with you attending the IFA Legal Symposium, so we put together a few you could share with your boss. 

Contention: Attending the IFA Legal Symposium is worth it - especially this year. 
Reason: Saving on ticket price, hotels and travel, it’s a better value than ever. 
And: The lower digital price and access to on-demand streaming breaks down to a value per dollar.

Here’s another one: 

Contention: The content is solid.
Reason: There’s a specific session on this agenda that will help our business.
And: The entire lineup is pretty good, actually. 

If you’re the one cutting checks, consider sponsoring some of your newer members. Give them a boost and a load of good information from the IFA Legal Symposium. 

Contention: It’s easy to attend.
Reason: This year it’s fully online.
And: It’s a great chance for me to experience the content without travel, hotel and all the extras, and I’d like to attend with your approval.

Contention: The IFA Legal Symposium is the best place to stay up to date on all the disruptions that have occurred lately in franchise law. 
Reason: The agenda speaks for itself. 
And: I can earn CLE and CFE credits while I attend. 

Contention: Attending IFA Legal Symposium will help me network. 
Reason: This is where the legal franchise industry meets.  
And: As I’m starting out, I need to grow my network and this kind of event will help me make some quality connections. 

If these arguments speak to you, they’ll resonate with your team as well. 

Register everyone for the IFA 2021 Legal Symposium, there’s enough good information to go around!