5 Reasons to Attend MITcon

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mitcon franchise marketing innovation and technology conference

Who’s excited for this year’s Franchise Marketing, Innovation & Technology Conference (MITcon)? Don’t be left in the dust with outdated marketing and technology practices; here are 5 reasons to attend MITcon 2019.  

  1. Drive higher demand  
    By enacting changes, adapting and evolving, learn how to achieve your business goals with the latest marketing and technology advances.  
  2. Increase customer loyalty  
    Gain knowledge about the best practices to maintain your customers loyalty and your dependability.  
  3. Grow and network with peers  
    Take advantage of the numerous events offered throughout the conference to develop and grow your business relationships.  
  4. Increase franchisee satisfaction
    Learn how to increase franchisee satisfaction through assessing problems and getting focused during our learning labs.  
  5. Build the future  
    Find the most up to date content about how to ensure your brand is using marketing and technology to propel your business into the future.  

MITcon will take place on October 23-25, 2019, in Austin, Texas. Register here today!

Buy one registration and get another one for 50% off when registering with a colleague from the same company.