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Opportunity Description

A&W Restaurants, Inc. is seeking Franchise Partners to join an iconic American brand being run with the entrepreneurial spirit of a startup company.  Since being purchased by a partnership of domestic and international franchise partners we have set our sights on being a world class franchise organization. We are actively seeking to grow throughout the US capitalizing on our 97-year old brand heritage while still growing with the changing times.  We’re more than just a place for a frosty mug of Root Beer and a great meal.  We’re A&W Restaurants and we’re inviting you to be part of something bigger than just owning a business.  We’re inviting you to be part of the A&W family.  Create your own A&W memories for yourself and your community.


At A&W we do not believe one-size fits all, an approach we take to everything from building design to local store marketing and especially to our site locations.  We look at each potential site individually to determine if A&W can be a part of the community.  We are in small rural communities and large metropolitan cities, and are seeking partners to grow the A&W brand in all types of locations throughout the US.

Site Location Assistance

A&W Restaurants provides the tools and guidance in selecting a site for development.  Our design team works with you on the layout and plans for the location.


A&W again takes the one-size does not fit all approach.  We look at each applicant individually, looking at their experiences as well as their finances.  We do require that the applicant have the ability to obtain the resources necessary to develop the A&W.  

Business Established: 1919
Franchising Since: 1925
Franchised Units: 629
Company Owned Units: 4
Start-up Cost: N/A
Total Investment: $266 to $1
Veteran Hired Since 2011: N/A
Veteran Owned Units: N/A
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Food: Restaurants
Food: Restaurants

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Vetfran Incentives

We proudly offer qualified veterans a 10% discount on the initial franchise fee.