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The Localized Franchise Advertising Platform expands a franchise brand’s digital reach and offers franchisees the opportunity to buy into digital advertising for themselves using automated retargeting as a catalyst. 


Adwerx Enterprise resolves the conflict between the advertising goals of the franchisor and franchisee with automated advertising that seamlessly marries national brand guidelines with localized messaging.


Franchises utilizing Adwerx Enterprise see these benefits from the service:

  • Automated, localized digital advertising that strengthens the national brand and reaches potential customers wherever they’re spending time online
  • Growth of franchisee bottom line and improved retention of franchisees
  • Accelerated recruitment of new franchisee prospects and franchise development efforts


Why Use Retargeting?

98% of your site’s initial visitors won’t convert to customers. Retargeting is the solution to this problem. It allows your brand to stay in front of an audience that has already expressed its interest, and drives subsequent visits to your site and foot traffic to your physical locations.


Adwerx creates custom branded ads for each of your franchises and shows them to local site visitors wherever they go on the web, mobile, Facebook, and Instagram. Franchisors achieve national brand reach while spurring local traffic. Your franchisees are enabled and empowered to participate in digital advertising themselves using a portal built by Adwerx and customized for you, multiplying your investment and extending your brand's reach.


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