Protecting Brands: IFA supports policies that ensure franchise brand standards are protected so consumers can expect the same safety, consistency, and quality regardless of the business’ location.

Labor & Workforce Development: IFA supports policies that allow franchise business employees to increase their skills, advance their careers, and prosper economically; while ensuring policies that extend joint employer liability are eliminated.

Taxes: IFA advocates for reasonable, permanent, and common-sense tax policies that can help small businesses, including pass-through businesses, can open new locations, hire more workers, and better contribute to their local communities.

Healthcare: IFA supports policies that allow for quality, affordable health care coverage for franchise business owners and employees.

State & Local Issues: IFA promotes pro-franchise business policies and prevents harmful franchise laws and regulations in cities and states across the country.

Healthcare Resources

The Department of Labor provides useful resources on healthcare plans for both employers and employees, ranging from guidance on the Affordable Care Act to Association Health Plans (AHPs) and other forms of coverage.

Veteran Entrepreneurs Act

The Veteran Entrepreneurs Act would provide veterans with a 25 percent tax credit on the initial franchise fee, which the prospective veteran franchisee can elect to pass to the franchisor in exchange for a discount of equivalent value up front.
Labor & Workforce Development

Joint Employer

The International Franchise Association advocates for a thoughtful, clear, and narrow joint employer standard that creates certainty for brands and business owners alike.
Protecting Brands

Franchise Relationship

In recent years, several states have proposed legislation to limit the right of franchisees and franchisors to negotiate business contracts by placing unreasonable restrictions on franchise agreements. Many seek to prop up under-performing franchisees to the detriment of the entire system, and particularly disadvantage the high-performing franchisees that go to great lengths to maintain operational standards, product quality, and brand reputation.
State & Local Issues

Association Health Plans (AHPs)

Whether a large franchisor company with thousands of locations or an individual franchisee successfully running a single unit, delivering affordable health care is one of the most pressing issues facing franchising

Tax Deduction Eligibility

In January 2019, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued final rules largely in line with IFA's testimony and recommendations, which assured certain franchise businesses are eligible for a new 20% deduction on qualified business income as part of the new tax law.